Monday, September 24, 2007

A successful project!

Last week I was in Kiev, Ukraine, participating in the final conference of the EU Project 'Development of Integrated Social Services for Exposed Families and Children', on which I had been the public finance consultant. The project was all about getting children out of institutional care (until recently the first point of referral if a family is in crisis) and helping the family to sort itself out before the crisis becomes a catastrophe.

It's been a great project - it has helped to set up lots of preventative social services in Kiev Oblast, the largest region of the country, and the number of children admitted to institutions has dropped by 50% in that area. A lot of children can now remain with their families, and even if these families are poor, chances are that conditions in institutions are even poorer.

The fact that this project has been so successful is down largely to the excellent team on the project, and especially the highly professional organisation and management of Everychild, a UK-based international children's charity. It really has been a pleasure working in this project! Here are some project publications, including (so far) one of mine, though another one is supposed to go on the website soon. (Not sure if I can count that as a 'publication' for the CV).

You may think - yeah, right - she's looking for more work. Actually I have finished a few projects, working for different companies, since I started the blog, but with some of the others it would not be good for my bloodpressure to write about them.....