Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've just spent about half an hour trying to edit the links in the blog (having also in the process had to log out of linux and into windows (and in windows the blog isn't even found!), and the blog does not show the new links! I am sure I'll get the hang of it eventually, as long as I get past this frustrating stage!

Last night was the final concert of the St Christopher Festival in Vilnius; it started with about half an hour of speeches...one of the speakers just said 'thank you'; the head of the festival had to say something witty about each of the about 25 sponsors, which amused people (everyone loves him) but took a lot of time....3 overtures by Schubert, which were not among his better works, and no wonder they are hardly ever played. Also a piano concerto by Ted Dawson (USA) who was there for the Lithuanian premiere of the work; quite interesting, with lots of percussion (did really only one percussionist play?), a fairly slow but quite pleasant piece. Finally Mozart's Jupiter symphony. I was a bit bored by it - have I heard it too often?