Friday, September 01, 2006

1 September in Vilnius, and all throughout the former Soviet Union children are returning to school. Here it is a glorious sunny day. The town centre is full of very smart children (at least if they are younger), an increasing number of them in school uniform (see photo). Makes one feel quite nostalgic, especially the uniform that looks like an Edinburgh Academy uniform, with a reddish tartan tunic and navy blue jacket complete with coat of arms. I wonder how long into the school year the wearing of school uniforms will last? The older children are as everywhere good at subverting their uniforms, especially the girls and the shortnesses of their skirts. Note the total absence of school bags; today is not a working day, obviously. One teacher was already spotted weighed down with a huge bundle of flowers.

Blair today says that he wants to intervene in potentially difficult families' lives even before the births of the children, citing in particular teenage single mothers. How many of these are there, actually? While he may have a point, in that early intervention is not a bad thing, this does not do anything for civil liberties. Not all single parents are bad parents. The UK media are spluttering, not surprisingly. Total observation society. Orwell was right. People already refer to this as 'fasbos' - 'antisocial behaviour orders on foetuses'. Note the tea mug he is holding during his interview has his name on and states
'Anthony: Your refined inner voice drives your thoughts and deeds.
You're a man who's in charge, others follow your lead. You possess a
great depth and have a passionate mind. Others think you're
influential, ethical and kind'
Not entirely sure about influential these days and ethical. Kind? Who knows. Obviously someone in No 10 made a mistake in not censoring the mugs. Blair likes to present himself as the bloke next door who'll have a cup of tea with anyone.