Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Had found a class in flamenco clapping here. It was wonderful!

Situated in a tiny arts centre in some obscure corner in Barcelona, it meant that I had to ask my way around to find it, what with my own written directions un-understandable. So lots of conversations with little old ladies, who knew very little about their own neighbourhood. It´s a bit frustrating that people understand my Spanish better than my Lithuanian (the latter after 7 years, Spanish after less than a year).

So there we were, sitting in a circle of 9 women and one man, and everything in Spanish - but music speaks for itself, no? It seems that it does not come naturally to all Spaniards either. My clapping, after decades of practicing in concert halls, was by far the loudest and clearest! It was ok to clap - but when the feet got involved, it became complicated - and then the delightful Marta, who ran the class, started clapping off beat!

I am sure we learnt only the most basic of rhythms, but it´s a start - maybe I can get a book on it. If you are in Barcelona, and you speak Spanish and want to learn flamenco anything - check out this website!