Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Being blasé...

...is not always a good thing (is it ever?).

I wandered into my music exam today (my 21st OU exam), armed with my favourite fountain pen and as always a couple of emergency pens. Was a bit annoyed at how finely the British Council cut the time - the invigilator and papers arrived only 5 minutes before the exam (there's a lot of administration to be completed), and then, a few seconds before the exam started, she started reading out (in a very thick accent) the exam rules, which people do not usually do. I was watching the clock and not listening, and a minute after the exam should have started, I stopped her reading....

....only to find out half way through the third question out of 4, that writing in green ink, as I was doing, was not really the done thing (we should only write in black and blue). Apparently she had read that out....Keep fingers crossed! It may have something to do with duplication of our answers.

Then, at the end, I left with the question paper in my hand (which I also should not have done), but realised that in time to return it to the Council.

Hmmm. Not sure if I will manage a distinction in this course; by the end of writing (I could still, this minute be writing) I had just had enough; they were boring questions and all - though at least I did not have to use the music manuscript paper which I had been appalled to see at the beginning; cannot imagine what that might have been for. But last year I also finished about 40 minutes earlier and got a distinction. Watch this space.