Monday, November 17, 2008

A weekend of Indian music

will take place in the Mokytoju Namai (Teacher's House) in Vilnius from 20 - 22 November, starting at 18.30 each day. I know, I know - I should go, having studied some of the music in my course this year. Then again....maybe I will go to one....

I see that most of the musicians on the first evening are Lithuanians, or at least non-Indians. This guy Anatolijus Lonomosovas (not quite a Lithuanian name) is very involved in Indian music (and in all three concerts); I wonder if it is his effort that started this.   For a country that is so 'differentphobic' it's amazing how much interest there is in this music - whenever there is such a concert, it's packed out. The length of some of these pieces, and relative lack of musical interest and structure, unless you know what you look for, is quite challenging to the average person who might be more used to pop music. (There is a structure in Indian music but you probably need to know about it).