Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lessons learnt...

1. Get thee to the Filharmonija on time!  On Wednesday, the evening of my return, I thought I had left the house early enough to slide across the ice to the Filharmonija - but got there, it seems, too late. 19.03 their time, 18.58 on my watch - and the computers were off and no ticket could be sold (even though the lady was still tidying up her cash desk). Are those computers shut off centrally on the stroke of 7 pm?

2. Check the programme. So last night I togged myself up and wandered over to the Filharmonija for the usual Saturday night concert, not knowing what was going to be played, but ready for a surprise. This I did get - just as the box office lady was about to print out a ticket I clocked the words 'Frank Zappa' on the concert heading. 'Nej tak' as the Swedes said to atomic energy.  Another nice evening stroll.

Add to that tonight - the Filharmonija's booklet mentioned a chamber music concert, not one I would have wanted to rush to for a pressing need, more for a sense of duty.  But something stirred in my memory - last night I had not seen any posters for this concert in the box office. I checked the website - right enough, the concert is cancelled.

You need to watch them like a hawk!