Monday, April 27, 2009

Socialising in Vilnius

I thought it was time to do some socialising, and get out of the house. So on Saturday night I decided to go clubbing - a first for me, to go on my own (though people always used to ask me 'who do you go to the Filharmonija with?').

Looked around websites and went to the 'L'amour' club, underneath the Siuolaikinis Menos Centras. It was supposed to be a good place.... Arrived just before 10 pm (entry fees payable after 10), and found in it a birthday party and two elderly couples who left shortly afterwards (when one of the guys went to the loo, my immediate thought was 'prostrate trouble'...).  There was also a group of 3 girls.

So there I was, on my own, nursing a beer until 11 pm. By which time the couples had left, the birthday party had gone behind a curtain, a group of 5 lads had arrived as well as a youngish couple, who danced on their own. Dead? Like a dodo....

Went to look for somewhere else to go. Passed the waterworld strip club. The heavy at the door lounged towards me and told me all about the beautiful ladies inside. I was mildly tempted, but did not go in. He would not let me go without pressing the club's business card in my hand, for next time!

Finally holed up at the Savas Kampas, a pub in Vokieciu which is busy every time I pass it. And it was, too....had another beer (or two) at the bar. A Scottish guy bought some drinks, said he was from Glasgow, as in 'Glasgow Rangers'. Boy, you have no idea how much information you gave me with those two words!

The next day I asked someone about more recommendable clubs; sadly, the only one he could come up with was Brodvejus (Broadway). Bit of a shame that it had a major fire a month or two ago and is closed for repair.....