Monday, May 25, 2009

What was much more interesting in the town hall yesterday...

....than the Fortvio interview was the press photo exhibition on the top landing, covering the Georgian/Russian war, some Lithuanian politics and life in Lithunia.

One cannot expect, in Lithuania, even-handedness when Georgia and its freedom are concerned; so the photos were of Georgian soldiers being taken prisoner, an old woman protesting in the street and so on. In another country perhaps a photo of the shelled by Georgians Tskhinvali might have been included, for balance.

Among the Lithuanian photos was one of one poor MP, who at some event involving journalists, dropped his mobile phone, and when leaning back to pick it up, it seems he got the heebie-jeebies about the journalists. Whereupon he fled into a cleaner's cupboard, and hid in that, with the journos outside, for nearly 12 hours. The photo is of him leaning with his face into a wall, eyes closed - story is that he did not move while in there. Afterwards the police carted him off for an alcohol test. I suspect that a chap, who had really been alcoholised, would have left some other traces after 12 hours in a cupboard.  I felt really sorry for the guy.

Then there was a photo of a wee boy and his labrador who had been hit by a train (the dog) and survived. They're tough, those Labs. The dog's front leg had been injured, and he had lost a large chunk of skin, it seems, from his shoulder. Also he was wearing one of those trumpet things over his head, to stop him scratching his ears, or maybe linking his shoulder. I was surprised to read that the skin was being fixed with 'medical skin'. Of course I know nothing about the case, but I do remember that when my cat was half-skinned by a car, looking like a skinned chicken, the skin and hair grew back all by themselves....