Saturday, January 16, 2010

Botswana update...

My readers may be a little disappointed that I blog much less, currently, in Botswana. There are two reasons for this:

1) I work for an international organization and it is not appropriate to discuss political events in the country.

2) Nothing much really happens here!

Couple of little vignettes:

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to buy some syringes for my injections. At the check-out desk I noticed that there were no needles. No needles? They told me I had to buy those separately..... Apparently they sell the syringes needless for giving medicines, I suppose to infants. Seems reasonable enough. I then had a choice of needles; so I could actually have bought smaller syringes as long as I get the right size of needles. (The needles on the rather dinky diabetes syringes are too short to get my stuff out of the ampoule....).

Today, on my first long weekend here, I thought I might do some baking (plums are on the market just now, and plum cake is never a bad thing to have around the house, even without cream). Put half a pound of butter on the worktop, and carried on doing what I do most of the time, procrastinating over studying and playing computer games....Later in the afternoon I saw the packet lying in a pool of liquid. Had the kettle broken and leaked over the worktop? As I picked up the packet I realised what had happened - the butter had totally melted! Now I realise why on butter packets in some countries it says that butter contains about 80% of fat; the rest is that milky stuff that is in butter. Kind of home-made ghee, maybe? But perhaps not from the worktop!