Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are there any sane people in psychology?

I'm just asking myself that, after reading some books about psychotherapy, including 'My Therapy' by Marian Davies, who had a horrific childhood and whose book says little about her therapy from a technical point of view, other than mentioning her therapist's 'warm brown eyes'. Not that well written either - who thought of publishing this? Total 'misery lit'. At the same time this Ms Davies is training as a counsellor.... Another book, 'Who is it that can tell me who I am', by Jane Haynes (a psychotherapist/analyst), starts with a long rambling letter to her deceased analyst before it becomes more professional - she, too, had a fairly challenging childhood.

Now I've discovered that one of my psych tutors is being cyberstalked, to a serious degree, by a disgruntled student, who, on a social network, is a member of the clinical psychology students' group; presumably with an aim to treat people at some stage. Not sure that our level of course is really anywhere near clinical psychology....

It's a weird world out there!