Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bank profits

Went to the Deutsche Bank in Berlin, where I have an account, to open a savings account - but what type to choose? The branch in Friedrichstrasse is a 'bank of the future' where you also get a high class cup of coffee while you speak to your adviser, or wait for them; and you can do bits of shopping. What you don't get, however, are leaflets giving you information. These are contained in dinky metal tins, the size of a leaflet; a different tin for each product. You have to BUY the tin to get the full information (the back of a tin has a general description, but I am not interested in 'interest rate up to x per cent'). The tins cost between 2 and 10 Euros, but they contain vouchers for the full value. What do you get for the voucher? In my case a couple of cups of coffee at the bank branch; there was also a nice pen. And how often would I visit the bank branch? Being Scottish I refused the tin, and they were ok with that - but how many people know about this option? It's all a bit outrageous, no?