Friday, April 20, 2007

Men in Black BMWs

Is it only in Eastern Europe that tangling with a black BMW is bad news? Usually these are driven by men, of strong build, with short haircuts, wearing black, often bedecked in golden jewelry. I would not like to investigate their tax returns - do they make tax returns? Even worse are black BMWs with darkened windows so you cannot look in. The word 'mafia' comes to mind, as it does with pinstriped suits where the stripes are far apart.

Men driving these cars think they own the world and they have a right to everything, highspeed driving, parking where they wish, across a pavement if necessary, and they can probably buy most law enforcement people. You don't mess with them, and so they get away with lots of stuff. Not always, though - today I spotted one having tried to change lanes rapidly and bumping into a lorry. As a result the whole traffic system in one corner of Vilnius broke down - and will still be broken down, because the police does not rush quickly to traffic accidents!