Friday, July 06, 2007

Final thoughts on Oz

...even though everything looks very modern, it's a bit old-fashioned - food and drink venues close very early, people wait at traffic lights even when there are no cars....

...not everything works, much like in the UK. Due to high winds yesterday a train got stuck as a result of a power failure on Sydney Harbour bridge (which I was trying to cross at the time) - the ensuing traffic chaos had to be seen to be believed! People would have walked across but it was far too cold and windy to do so.

...people are very friendly.

Words in Oz

'how are you' = 'hi'

'see ya' = 'bye'

'brekkie' = 'breakfast'

'hottie' = 'hot drink'

whitefella = white person

blackfella = black person (or aborigine)

Long black

short black

flat white (all kinds of coffee)

...signing off from Oz