Thursday, July 26, 2007

Offski - again

I'll be away for just over a fortnight, and on return will have tons of work to do. The last 48 hours in Vilnius have been frantic, sorting out all sorts of stuff, dealing with a lot of mail, authorities (tax and social insurance) ...the tax people are always nice, though - but I'm also well organised....

Managed to fit in my hairdresser who rescued my hair which had turned to blond straw a little after the Georgian attack on it - the only problem is that I now look almost sick with my natural colour; blond gave me a nice little tan. I think she has me as a project to feminise me, which doesn't do any harm... given the experiences I have all the time in further Eastern Europe where women with short hair that's not done up are always a bit unusual.

Will the in the UK, visiting my best friend Pat, and at my OU summer school, and then a week at the Dartington Summer School, in the far south west of the UK, where you will find me singing Haydn's 'Four Seasons', learning to dance the salsa, and playing in a salsa orchestra. And I just noticed that there's a ceidlidh as well, late one evening, and a salsa ball on the last night. Well, my week is made! I'll need a holiday when I get back!
There will now be a bit of a silence since I may not get near a computer much....