Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got a distinction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight found on the internet the result of my first (of 2) OU music diploma courses, A214. An introductory music course and all that, but ending with harmonising Bach, rather ad nauseam (it would be if it was not Bach).

In my usual style I had rushed through the course like crazy (with now 21 OU courses under my belt, I have a technique for getting maximum results in minimum time, but it does not work so well in cumulative courses, as this one was). The last assignment was really heavy, got a bare pass on the Bach harmonisation part (so many red comments, it looked as if the tutor had spilt blood on the page) and a much higher mark on the Mozart part, and it was only during revision, shortly afterwards, that I began to remember what I should have used in the Bach.

Anyway, looking at my overall average and using what I thought was the OU formula to calculate the overall result, before the exam, there was no way I would get more than second-best. Thankfully I hung on in there with the revision. Can't believe that I got a distinction!

Mind you, after this year's little effort I still don't think I know much about music....Roll on next year, and AA302 - it's at a higher level....and I am doing Spanish as well.

Hasta pronto! (can't do an upside down exclamation mark...)