Saturday, April 12, 2008

Letter to the Guardian

'Michael Greenwood (Letters, April 11) talks of "the abysmal quality of
British music since 1900". Perhaps he has not heard Elgar, Vaughan
Williams, Delius, Britten, Walton, Tippett, Lutyens, Maconchy,
Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies, or Adès - and this is not a comprehensive
Bob Elmes
Frodsham, Cheshire'

To which I can only add - perhaps he has....

Though I haven't heard Lutyens (I think), Maconchy, Birtwhistle, or Adès, and I quite like Maxwell Davies and Tippett, plus Peter Grimes and Britten's 'Lachrymae'. As for the others....Hawd me back, as the Scots would say.