Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New meaning for 'car bumper'

This article in today's Guardian describes a new type of musical instrument - scrap cars. Sounds like a great idea - the cars are being scrapped anyway, so why not have some fun with them. (The carbon footprint involved in getting the cars to the concert hall, and disposing of them afterwards, is another question).

A German with the history-laden name of Christian von Richthoven and his partners will put on a series of concerts at the London Riverside Studios until 4 May, destroying a car in each show. They got the idea when involved with some teenage vandals; instead the team invited them to their lessons and then let them destroy a car in a musical way, with Bach, Tchaikovsky and Motörhead.

Seems that not everyone shares this sense of humour. They performed at the Leipzig motor show exhibiting lovely shiny new cars - afterwards the guy who booked them was sacked on the spot....