Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vilnius Guggenheim

Just came across the Geras Blogger blog which has links to the other two designs for the Guggenheim museum in Vilnius. Both I prefer to the Zaha Hadid model. M Fuksas' design is a bit of a cheap idea, linking it to the design of the Vilnius 2009 logo, and it's in startling white - which I am not sure how long it would survive in these days rather rainy Vilnius. Otherwise it's very nice. The Daniel Libeskind design is stunning - with a glass finger design pointing towards the sky and quite a lot of 'green' architecture.

But no, we'll be getting Ms Hadid's stranded hovercraft.


varske said...

Ms Hadid used to be famous in architectural circles for the number of competitions she had won without actually ever building a building. I think she has actually managed a few by now, but you can see why she has difficulties.