Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eeeek - wtf?

My piano teacher appeared the other day with a book called 'Easy Piano Classics'. Looks shiny, has all sorts of easy pieces in it, and yes, ok it's more or less my level. Though in intellectual/emotional content rather below my level. It will not stay here long.

So she picked out a couple of pieces, one called 'Solfegietto' which is labelled on the front page as by Bach, as indeed it is, but CPE of that ilk. It is just about bearable, and in any case easy enough that I can get shot of it soon. It probably has some Valuable Pedagogical Point. Of course she plays it like the clappers. My problem is that I learn the sound very fast and then don't look at the notes, so I often spend weeks and weeks working on the same stuff because I don't learn proper fingerings. Which one really should at this stage.

But she also picked another one, by the same Bach, a Rondo Expressivo. I cannot believe that it is by any Bach, even a classical one, as CPE was. It is such total, trivial sh*te that I took one little practice at it and thanked my lucky stars that I am an adult and can throw these things back at her. Strangely, the piece sounds like very romantic s.....(you get my drift), well ahead of the time it should be. Which makes me think it is a fake, like some of those viola concertos, eg the JC Bach (?) which was written by Casadesus in the style of that Bach. I'd want to see the manuscript, and test the paper for age and for Bach's DNA on it, before I believe it is any Bach at all.

Thankfully I have lots of inventions and the whole well-tempered clavier (by JS) to keep me occupied for years, plus enough Mozart sonatas. Now all I need is the motivation to practice when the teacher and I are in different countries.