Thursday, June 05, 2008

Funky Vilnius

Many foreigners who visit Vilnius think it's very beautiful and very old, but do they know it's funky? They should, if they look at the young people in the street.

Just to confirm Vilnius' funkiness, here's a lovely little TV advert for next year's Capital oof Culture, targeted at upper and middle class audiences in France, UK and Germany of 18-40 and 50+ (what's wrong with people in their forties?). Not entirely convinced that those serious over 50s Germans one sees shlepping round Vilnius will be totally impressed with it, but anyway. Also it probably does not entirely reflect my idea of 'culture', but I can live with that - cultures are different and have to coexist. And it is a fun advert, with a lot of meaning for those who understand Vilnius and Lithuanian history.

Shame about the spelling mistakes, though.


Vilnius said...

Well, I have never experienced a funky Vilnius myself.