Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Digital Concert Hall

So there I was, logged into the digital concert hall. Still have not worked out how to link the laptop to the TV; seemed to have all the right connectors, or at least connectors that fitted into something in either laptop or TV, but somehow pressing the function key and F4, which should move the picture to the TV, did not do much, though both screens flicked when I pressed it.

So, onto the main computer. It does not half roar when it has to work hard! I had a reasonably large screen, about 15", but could barely hear the orchestra over the computer - and that at the good radio received turned to full volume.

Off to the tiny mac; no buzzing here, just a very tiny picture with a five-inch Simon Rattle.  Heard the orchestra most of the time except in the fourth movement of Brahms' first symphony where the orchestra does some very quiet pizzing.

The programme was Dvorak's Slavonic Dance (one of them), and Brahms 1 - not exactly a full-length concert, and I hope the people in the fairly packed hall also paid only about half-price. After the Dvorak there were endless self-congratulatory speeches about the Digital Concert Hall, Deutsche Bank, etc, in German and English. A chap called Terry Martin spoke rather charming German.

I found it difficult to get into the concert, though, till nearly the end. Maybe the screen was too small - I really need to sort this.  The playing was of course very nice. It's great to see a whole bank of strings move as one, and it was the bowing of the first violinist (and all his crew) which finally got me hooked, finding myself leaning over the desk and peering into the screen.  It's so amazing seeing these people play this music so easily and full of enjoyment!

But I need to improve on the technology!


Anonymous said...

check out http://www.youtube.com/BerlinPhil as well.