Saturday, January 31, 2009

What the heck is the matter with the FIlharmonija?

Call itself the Capital of Culture? It would make a cat laugh!

Strolled over to the Filharmonija tonight for the usual Saturday night concert, looking forward to hearing the delightful Philippe Graffin play whatever, with the even more delectable Robertas Servenikas conducting. Found the Filharmonija in darkness, totally deserted. Seems that the concert took place yesterday. Since when does the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra play on a Friday?

It's the third time in as many months that I walked over there on a Saturday and did not find a concert. Ok, once I was too late and did not get a ticket; another Saturday it was a Frank Zappa evening (definitely not with the LNSO).

In January the orchestra had two whole concerts at the Filharmonija; I would have expected four.  So one Saturday they played in Warsaw - could they not have done that another night of the week?  Muzika Humana, a usual Sunday standby every few weeks, isn't performing till March. Not good enough! 

I hear that the crash of the Lithuanian airline, flyLAL is having an impact on the year of culture, too. It's possible that they had some sponsorship arrangement, apart from the question of flightbookings. Not sure what financing the sponsorship arrangement was based on.

Meanwhile the North Korean Symphony Orchestra is repaying the gesture of the New York Philharmonic and travelling to the US for a return match. Some people wonder if the whole orchestra will return to North Korea. I would have thought that their standard is not soooo high that people would very easily get jobs in the US....