Saturday, February 07, 2009

Orfeo Mark 3

I've reviewed this Vilnius Opera and Ballet theatre performance before (twice), the most relevant review being here. So just a few vignettes/comments.

Poor Amor, who had to do all his singing suspended in the air, at one moment crashed into the set. No harm done, it seemed. But I was confused. Only at the end, though, when the main characters took their bows. The singer for Amor was very tall indeed. 'Tis not unnatural in Lithuania, for men and for women. But, was it a guy or a gal? It seems it was a guy, Victoras Gerasimovas. But the part is a soprano part. It did not sound like a male voice at all, nor did it sound like it was sung at tenor pitch (leaving aside the fact how the poor lad was strung up during his entire singing, but that alone would not a soprano make). Very interesting!

Yaniv D'Or was still rather brighter as Orfeo than he should have been.

The conductor, near the end, walks on the stage and picks up Amor's arrow to conduct the rest of the opera with it. He clearly acted 'conducting' on the way back down, looking very happy. This was quite different from the scowl he shot during the performance at a little group playing on his right during the dance of the furies moment. If looks could have killed.....

Interesting to see what a small band they used. The pit was half empty; it was more a chamber orchestra group. As it probably should be.