Monday, February 05, 2007

How to make friends and influence people

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is currently up in court in Australia. Her alleged 'offence'? 'Breach of contract' with her refusing to sing in a concert with an Australian pop singer, whose fans tend to throw knickers on the stage, which he allegedly collects. She's told the judge:
'Dame Kiri' is my name. Ms Te Kanawa is too long'.
Right. That's him told.

One wonders a) what she was thinking she was doing singing with a pop singer in the first place, and b) whether she or any of her advisers/agents did any research on the singer. Does she need money that badly?

She's also admitted that she might have said of the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra (maybe who were supposed to accompany the pair?) that 'they can't play a tune'. We can say that about a number of orchestras, and indeed singers and instrumentalists - but not necessarily in public. One would have thought she was old enough to know better.