Saturday, February 17, 2007

A S Byatt's Study

Last Saturday's Guardian contained a photo and description by herself of AS Byatt's study, in Putney, London. It's in an attic, apparently without central heating (a large electric heater stands very close to her chair), and although the room seems to have a large window overlooking a garden and her neighbours in big Georgian houses, she also has one of those anti-SAD daylight lights.

Although there are many books, and Things, it looks comfortable for writing, though on her desk she seems to have barely space to hold a pen (she handwrites). She calls it a purposeful disorder - I think this is a particular British trait; I am sure I have heard or read comments from foreigners about the state of British homes. She is very lucky not to have my Georgian homecare expert who would have the place tidy in no time! The room does look very work focused, though - especially considering she does not even have a computer there to surf the net with, or, as in her case, play Freecell.

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Jessica said...

Gosh, so I have a few things in common with AS Byatt! A study overlooking a garden, a SAD lamp and purposeful disorder on the desk! There, sadly, the resemblance ends. I'd give anything to have written 'Possession' or any one of the Frederica novels, let alone all of them.