Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The old war wound

I should not complain, after this morning's rant about the UK health system....

At lunchtime I was dodging along the road, back to the office, with a hot flaky pastry khachapuri in my hand when suddenly I went over on my ankle. 'Oh', I thought, 'great; this time it did not hurt - it must have finally recovered from its turn 18 months ago' - when I was in the middle of moving flats. Running between the two flats 500 m apart, with three fiddles in my hand (does that sound impressive or what?), I completely went over on my ankle. A cleaning lady at a hairdressers 10 m on quickly disappeared into her salon and left me to deal with it (I know who you are!). I could walk on (what else to do) but went over again a couple of times; so I tried out the Lithuanian public health service (which I pay for out of taxes rather than directly) - the disadvantage being the language - I had not learnt the words for such an event. Tried to tell them that something had gone 'pop' but that was not understood. After that in the next few weeks I went over on it again a few times - and I can remember exactly where and when every occasion was!

So I was pleased, today, when I could go over on it without pain - obviously the ankle was strong again and could deal with these things.


We are talking delayed reaction and we will be talking 'shuffling round Vienna' on Saturday. Luckily this frequent traveller is prepared for these kinds of things. And fortunately all the Vienna places I want to visit are close together. Even more auspiciously the project in Tbilisi has a car and driver. We'll live.


viola power said...

Ha! One fiddle for each hand!

Which congresses have you been to? I'm almost certain we've met.

violainvilnius said...

I've been to Germany in 2003, Minneapolis in 2004, Montreal in 2006 and will be going to Adelaide, Oz this year. Next year Phoenix, Arizona, I think?

Already booked a ticket Frankfurt to Sydney, just need to connect at either end now...