Tuesday, October 02, 2007


2 sets of interesting statistics:

from Transparency International, the Corruptions Perception Index of how corrupt people see their society, and of countries I know and love:
1. Denmark (least corrupt)
12. UK
16. Germany
28. Estonia
41. Czech Republic
51. Lithuania and Latvia (oy veh!, Lithuania has dropped)
61. Poland
79. Georgia
99. Armenia
111. Moldova and Rwanda
118. Ukraine
123. Viet Nam
143. Russia
150. Tajikistan
175. Uzbekistan
178. Iraq (well done!)
179. Somalia (most corrupt)

Health Consumer Powerhouse has assessed the health systems of all European Member States and found that Bismarck beats Beveridge (what a headline!). The results in relation to some countries are as follows:

1. Austria (best)
5. Germany
12. Estonia
17. UK
26. Lithuania (below Romania)
29. Latvia

I wonder what makes Estonia perform so much better than its Baltic neighbours? Is it the close influence of Finland?