Saturday, October 06, 2007

A very small world indeed!

Reading Grannyp's blog about her school reunion.

I've only been through one of these, after 25 years. When I asked about a 30-year reunion (the person who I'd hope would organise it), she asked 'so who will organise it?'. Fair enough. I've got an easy excuse not being in the same country. Though these days with skype... The next one would be 35 years, which seems a bit daft - so it'll be 40 years, I suppose; by which time we will all be around 60.

Grannyp is right about teachers becoming people at reunions, and roles changing. Suddenly one can have a woman-to-woman conversation with a 'teacher'. Though one also realises that some teachers are pratts - not all of them, but it happens. Never left school, kind of thing. Former pupils also no longer need to suck up to teachers.... a classmate who was bad a maths had the brilliant idea of joining the music course, also taught by the maths teacher, who was very prone to having favourites. It did not work - she was not into music either. (You might think that 'favourites' and 'maths' cannot be used in the same sentence, since results should be either right or wrong. Believe me, our teacher did favourites big-style. I know because for a period I was very much the extreme disfavourite, and boy, did she go on at me.)

Grannyp mentions that pupils from her school have changed in the last 50 years. I did not find that particularly, but then we had only 25 years of development! It was interesting that at the time my child was finishing university, whereas another's child had not yet started school - but that mum had finished her education before having the child....

Reading Grannyp's entry made me think - I know that school! So I checked, and indeed, it seems she went to school with my son's godmother who she remembers very well. (Both people are very distinctive and therefore easily remembered). Amazing, or what? Since then the school has closed, though not before godmother's daughter went there, and some other people. Now godmother's granddaughter is going to my son's old school. What goes around, comes around!