Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picture the scene

when I got back to Tbilisi at 4 am yesterday morning and found that a bottle of body lotion had leaked in my luggage. Luckily it seems that body lotion does less damage to books or clothes than, say, water, marmalade or red wine. But anyway, being Scottish, of course, I hate waste - so I have to scrape the body lotion off my books and suitcase, and apply it to me. Which is great for the body.

Only problem is that this is the kind of lotion that gives you a gentle tan, very useful with a pasty colour like mine. When you apply a lot of it (and it's amazing how much there was spilt) 'gentle' might not be the operative word. Having taken off most clothes to spread the spillage across an acreage as large as possible, I realised, perhaps a little too late, that I should take off my socks, too. A pair of orange legs stalked off to work yesterday!