Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thumped a guy today

I should know better - experience in the theatre, opera house, at seminars tells us that Georgians talk all the time or answer their phones - sometimes I wonder whether they hear or learn anything ever...

So in tonight's concert at the conservatoire I found myself next to a bunch of students, friends of the performers. Well, the guy next to me never stopped talking, fidgeting big style, checking his phone - the first time I asked him to shut up, the second time I just thumped him. Did not make any difference whatsoever!

It was a long concert, almost two hours without a break, of flute students, and my piano teacher accompanying, beautifully, of course, including pointing students in the right direction when they got lost, and also taking their interests to heart while they were tuning their flutes.

I've now learnt that as the evening wears on, the students get better, and this was the case tonight.

The flutists here move much more than the pianists (there's a theory that the piano students might model themselves on a very patrician pianist); the last two students were great with the performance of one of them only marred by his very noisy breathing. Some of the repertoire was unfamiliar to me, and where interpretation might also have been slightly inadequate the pieces did not really make sense. But it was nice to see two students also attempt some very modern pieces!