Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Viennese foibles

Vienna, on a sunny spring day, was packed with mostly Italian tourists, but also Viennese. Vienna is a much more cosy place than Berlin, where it's all happening. In Vienna, one relaxes, and sits down here and has a chat there. The Museumsquartier is a brilliant little neighbourhood with a large arrangement of fibreglass sitting/lying/dozing areas, all of which were taken on this sunny April Monday with people alone, in groups, with grandchildren, reading, listening, or chatting to their friends.

But see the Viennese and their ice creams? They eat the biggest cones I've ever seen. All are Italian icecream, of course, and no-one has fewer than 3 flavours - which in Lithuania would almost break the bank!

And then there are the Viennese and their dogs, ranging from extremely large to extremely tiny. Think the good soldier Schwejk and his dog poaching story, and you have the Viennese and their dogs - and they seem to be welcome everywhere. Not, maybe in the Musikverein, but certainly in shops and museums. You see intense conversations going on between dog owners and their charges, and those of their friends. Must be a great life, being a dog in Vienna!