Sunday, August 26, 2007

British food

...well, actually, it's all about English food here and here. The English ministry of culture and something is making a list of English icons, things that are typically English (What about it, Scotland and Wales?). So far the website includes cheddar cheese, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and fish and chips. Bit staid, no? Luckily the Guardian appreciates its role as a national newspaper and has opened the debate for Britain (what about Norn Iron??). The Guardian's blog has responses from many corners of the world, of all the foods people living abroad are missing....

Among them:
Heinz baked beans (get them in Georgia and Lithuania)
Bird's custard (don't)
Marmite (ye gads!)
sticky toffee puddings (can't get them)
English cheeses (they are strong!)

I had a ball back in the UK a few weeks ago, enjoying:
a cooked breakfast every day
porridge in Dartington (but how did they manage to make it lumpy?)
fresh fruit salad with cream
fish and chips
Alpen muesli with that dusty taste
unsweetened grapefruit juice
toast with butter and marmalade
bread and butter pudding (can make it)
rice pudding (can make it, and Lithuania sells a wonderful cold version of rice pudding)
custard, custard, custard.....

See why I'm having to run off the weight I gained?

In Eastern Europe people aren't that much into puddings after meals; they prefer fruit Which Is Much Healthier, of course - and often the fruit is much tastier.