Saturday, August 18, 2007

Technical Troubles

This week's resounding silence was due to lots of work, lots of studying and technical troubles. My computer is partitioned to take both Windows and Linux, and the Windows partition has been filling up like crazy, to a point where I have only been working with a few megabites, and I can't do anything.

I asked around and someone told me to move the pagefile.sys file to another partition, ie the D or E drive. This worked fine for a day. Then I downloaded a music writing programme (Finale Allegro, it's brilliant!), moved it around a bit and installed it on another drive, and also began to load loads of CDs onto my Ipod - no point having the complete recordings of Mozart ('s music) and not listening to it. And the available space on the computer shot down again, so again I'm getting lots of warnings, and always the request to remove programmes I don't need. Already most of my programmes are stored on another drive. But anyway, since I never use Quicktime which is something to do with watching movies, I thought I'd remove it.

Bad move - now Itunes does not work. Tried to reinstall quicktime and there ain't enough space on the C-Drive even though I'm installing it on another drive. It looks like anything that ever goes through my computer leaves a bit hanging in the C-drive. I'm waiting for inspiration.

The removal of Quicktime caused my Ipod to crash - it was connected to the computer at the time. The computer told me in a cheery message to reformat the Ipod. At that time I went for a run, and thankfully inspiration struck that I could wait for the battery to run down and see if it would sort itself. And then later I found a website which tells you how to reboot it. That's sorted.

Another problem popped up - went running, with my expensive earphones connected to my mobile phone (the emergency Ipod replacement - you need it for an hour's run), and found on my return that the right earphone did not work. Aaarggh. Only just bought them a week ago, after the same problem happened with another expensive pair. Looked up the net and there was a whole debate about whether Ipods eat right earphones. Lockily, now, a few hours later, the earphones seem to have recovered. I wonder whether it's something to do with sweat - the phones are earbuds which sit right in the ear, and slip out when you start running and sweating. But perhaps it does not do them good to get wet?

I have other earphones which sit outside the ear, but European Ipods have a limiter on their volume, so you can't have it very loud. Health and Safety and all that. It means, unfortunately, that I can't hear it in an aeroplane or over the sound of my own breathing while running - only with the loudest pieces. There's a wee programme which allows you to override that, but I cannot get it to recognize my Ipod.....

That's all my troubles for today...