Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm new here...

...goes a post on the flutenet pages...
'I'm not expert, but I'd like to practice sometime with dueting /
encourage better flutemanship! Anyone in xxxx
who'd like to flute? Please email me. I'd prefer another lady as I'm
happily married. Thanks.'

An interesting message, no? And it says so much...

1) we assume that is a lady unless it's a double bluff
2) probably not too young
3) 'I'm happily married'. Do we believe that? I don't. If she were she would not worry which gender she'd practice with.
4) What are her expectations of what might happen whilst playing duets, other than flute playing? It makes you wonder about her motivation....


patty said...

Oh, I dunno ... having played so long and seen so many marriages fall apart, or affairs occur, I can sort of understand the hesitation to play with someone of the opposite gender. (And yes, I did make the assumption the poster was female.)

Some people are just very cautious. Even happily married ones! Having been in some very awkward situations (like having a conductor say, "You are very happily married, aren't you?" before making a pass at me) I am a bit more forgiving for her post.

But maybe I'm just all wrong. :-)

I'm certainly "not too young".