Friday, August 24, 2007

'Social Security'

I thought I was a social security 'expert'. 'Tis what I do in life. It's all about protecting people against poverty...though some of the systems I have seen, including the British one, are not very successful at it. Though at least the British one offers a little basic support, unlike many others. If you lived very very very very quietly, you might manage.

Iran, it seems, has a different understanding of 'social security'. This article explains how western style barber shops have been closed down, for giving people (ie men, you can't see the women's hair) excessively eyecatching hair styles. One woman's salon was closed because it had a man working in it - which is a criminal offence.

The Guardian says that this clampdown has come 'amid a broader law-and-order offensive which the government says is aimed at increasing "social security".' It also includes looking at the length of trousers women wear and the amount of coverage afforded by their head scarves.