Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hate singing!

I do, anyway, especially if I had to do it suddenly, and solo, without a piece of paper to hold on to.

Seems, though, that the Austrian mezzo Christa Ludwig, 80 this week, was also not entirely enamoured with it, as described in the German weekly 'Die Zeit'. Always having to take care of herself, always protecting those damn vocal chords, it messing up family life - her mother explained to her that having a talent is like being cursed. Suspect a lot of people, especially talented children under pressure from their parents, can relate to that. She complains about Solti whose conducting style involved bouncing all over the place, but where the entries were like a sword, whereas Karajan gave more rounded entries (oh yes? he was a stirrer, was he?).

Inevitably, EMI has brought out 'The Art of Christa Ludwig'.