Friday, March 21, 2008

Servenikas in Munich!

in April my much-admired Robertas Servenikas will be conducting at the Munich Staatsoper - wow! He was invited to conduct the Gubaidulina viola concerto (hey, what a choice!) for a premiere of ballets by Martin Schl├Ąpfer, Hans van Manen (no less!) and Simone Sandroni. Welldone!

I see the website says he is the musical director for the whole evening, though only one piece involves an orchestra.... The violist is Dietrich Cramer, one should mention out of viola solidarity. Apparently Servenikas has had a good chat with Gubaidulina about the concerto and is now all set. There will be six performances in total, though most in June.

I wish him luck - he will do a fine job!