Sunday, March 23, 2008

iPod crash

In case someone read one of my other blogs about internet addiction and the computer was going to be staying off for the rest of the day, and here we are an hour later....I can explain.

Somehow, in the middle of everything else, I managed to wipe everything off my iPod, all 8000+ tracks - thanks to one of my Linux programmes. I had tried simply to remove some duplicated Bach flute sonatas.


Luckily I am close to my computer and my laptop, and between them should be able to restore - but it's not as straightforward as dragging all files over to the iPod. Time will have to be spent....

Could be worse - my last iPod did not even live as long as this one.


Beverly said...

I think there are quite a few boomers running around with "internet addiction." I haven't advanced to the ipod yet. Enjoyed reading your blog.