Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Naked Violin(ists)

Just catching up with the February Strad, whilst (not entirely) watching Julia Fischer and Daniel Mueller-Schott playing the Brahms Double Concerto.

This music business, sometimes it makes you sick - the two have recently brought out a CD of the same piece, now they are playing it on TV and I think they played it in a few concert halls up and down the countries....product placement or what?

I see Ms Fischer and Tasmin Little have something in common - they are under the impression that fabric is still being rationed. Ms Fischer's red dress, whilst long, only just covers the essential places - her cleavage is so low that you can almost see her belly button, and I wonder if she has ever had a conversation with anyone about wardrobe malfunctions?

Ms Little, who very generously has made some of her recordings available on her website (for free!), has apparently had to save on fabric to pay for this - the publicity photo for the recording called 'The Naked Violin' shows an almost naked violinist, wearing little more than her fiddle. Since she and I must be about the same age I like to think that after all my running my body is as good as hers....I must try that outfit some time in the streets of Tbilisi.


violainvilnius said...

After the Brahms, to their credit, they did what sounded like a stunning version of the Bach Ciaconna for violin and cello (though I was out of the room at the time and only returned for the final chords....). That sounded great!