Tuesday, March 13, 2007

'Closing French letters'....

...could mean anything.....

I was chatting with my piano teacher about a young Georgian cellist who has almost shot to stardom, but could not remember his name entirely. She asked around in the conservatoire but found that no-one knew of him. Typing 'Giorgi' and 'cello' into Google soon came up with Giorgi Kharadze who seems to have one many prizes recently, including in 2006 the Grand Prix Emmanuel Feuermann. Since Kharadze seems to have lived in France for most of his life, and presumably has French citizenship the thought occurred to suggest to the French Cultural Institute to bring him to Tbilisi to give a recital or something. Hence one urgently had to look for a way of closing letters written in French.

Our singing group has been invited, it seems, to participate in a music festival in Khobi, in the west of Georgia, at the beginning of June. This means a two day trip out there, with an overnight stay. Should be very very interesting. We have a new young Georgian conductor who is very very good, very precise, and I suspect will be very demanding - but we should be able to produce something good by that time. Fantastic or what?