Saturday, March 10, 2007

Georgia is not ready for this....

...the sight of white wabbit legs! Today, a fine spring day, and time for setting tomorrow's hash. Really very mild...so I decided to wear the spray-on running shorts, and only those (on my legs....the rest was covered tastefully).

It was not something, it seems, that Georgia sees much of, and perhaps they still think it is winter. We Northern Europeans, we are tough, so we are. It was mainly whilst stalking through the streets the 5 or 6 kms back to the flat from the hash venue that people had difficulties with. Both men and women, as shown by the guy who photographed me (we can all play that game!). Not sure if it was the exposure of leg in general, or the whiteness of them, or their age. Folks - you don't realise that until 6 months ago there might was a lot more white wabbit leg.....and folks, you'll need to get used to it - a long summer is ahead of us! Maybe at least the colour will change.

The hash trail gets about 2 out of 10 for beauty. It's quite a popular spot, it seems, also near major housing schemes, and there seems to be a lack of rubbish disposal facilities. But of a shame that, as I was hiking home, I passed a rather beautiful little park at the bottom of the mountain which might have been more suitable. Ah well. At least it gets an exercise rating.

The crocus, sorry, slightly out of focus, was photographed on the mountain behind my house a week ago. I noticed a big bare patch at the top of the slope behind my house (but within our property) and thought that I might plant some daffodils there for next year. And maybe something else to help keep the slope where it belongs.