Sunday, March 04, 2007

To Godot or not to Godot?

The loveliest post on cats and inexperienced owners is here. I hope this cat has the deluxe cat litter tray photographed in Vienna last week. Why do I go around photographing cat litter trays? Don't ask! A musical cat called Solti has something to do with it. Yes, it might look like a swimming pool, but no self-respecting cat would look at it that way. Though perhaps those who have accidentally made contact with a pool would not care for this litter tray.

Went for a walk up the hill behind my house, to the TV tower, much the same route as the hash a week ago. The Georgians do not seem to be very good at taking their litter home, and really the whole area, a very popular area, it seems, is covered in plastic bags, broken glass and so on. It's a shame. Around the TV tower plateau much work is going on to make it a beautiful spot again, though this involves construction work rather than litter picking. It seems there is a permanent fun fair with scooters and all sorts of roundabouts; some of the buildings are being restored and it should become very nice, if only it was tidier.

Took a different turn on the way down, and oy veh, was it hairy. This was not an approved path, indeed this was not a path, more an avalanche of stones and mud, thankfully held up by trees - which also held me up! More than once I approached the side of a path only to find a vertical cliff below me....but there was evidence of footsteps (though I should have been alerted by the absence of litter) and finally I made it onto a street below. The legs stopped shaking a short while later.

Had considered going to see 'Waiting for Godot' tonight; my favourite actor is in it. We read it in French at school (in Germany), spending much time on interpreting it ('interpreting' in German means finding the meaning behind it).

The questions I was asking myself included:

  • it's in Georgian and nothing much happens. Does that matter?
  • Is the dialogue important? Read somewhere that scholars now think that it is just people playing with words. It's a likely explanation given that the author was Irish and the Irish are famous for their 'craic', meaningless but funny conversations.
  • If the dialogue is not important will the acting be enough to keep me interested? (The music, as if you had not guessed, is by lovely Gia Kancheli again).
The answer turned out to be that the show is sold out, even though it has been running since about 2001. Shame - I had found the text in the internet. Managed to get some tickets for some other performances, though, including two Georgian plays (one allegedly a comedy about the current president....). Both are supposed to be translated into English - I would not have a cat's chance in hell getting synopses for these, otherwise.

Meanwhile the opera house is advertising 'Giselle', with a prima ballerina who has just returned from Moscow. Seems that the show is not going to go ahead, but the posters are still up.