Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has sprung!

Another Sunday, another hash. The crowd is getting bigger and bigger and includes dogs, who generally get on, more or less, quite often....we know what it's like, don't we, Jack? Some dogs one would not want to take to a situation where they have to socialise....

The trail, set by a very keen runner, went down a valley, up on the other side, round a village, and back to the starting point. If you think it was hard walking in shorts through Tbilisi, you should have seen the village. 'Gee, there's a bunch of foreigners!'.
'You know, they are running.'
'Oh my God, some are wearing shorts - in this weather? How can they expose their legs like this?' (from the heavily clad priest we ran past).
'Oh no - There's a WOMAN WEARING SHORTS!'
It must have been the most fun the village had for years - I tried to encourage a fat pudding of a boy to join us, but to no avail.

And then, at the starting point, which we felt we had reached all too soon, we discovered that we had to do another loop, through a forest and up and down some steep slopes. That's where I spotted the flowering trees. Not entirely sure what kind of flowers they are..... Also spotted some cactuses growing very flatly on the ground, but they were not nice enough for a photie.

The hash is now moving over to summer time, with a later start - which will be a problem if I have the theatre on the same evening.....