Monday, September 03, 2007

Austrian papers

Unfortunately it's impossible to translate the sound of the Austrian writing into English...

1. A psychologist being interviewed about the effect of retirement on people suggests that people who are on their own should, for the sake of their social lives, connect with a social care institution sooner rather than later. She hastens to add that she does not mean they should go into a home, but that they should connect with some day centre for the sake of day time activity and occupation. Right.  Does not occur to her that older people might still like to connect to younger people in their social lives? Though of course in Austria most younger people are working.

2. On Friday, 31 August, a story about a drunk 'automobilist' (original Austrian) who finds a tunnel entry in Paris too narrow and crashes into a wall.  'Bad  it looked for him then', the story goes on. I'd say - they are talking about Princess Di's driver.

3. A policewoman in Vienna is found asleep in her car, the engine running. Her helpful colleagues find that she is completely drunk, and try to help her out of the car. She resists violently. At one stage sheapparently tells her dog 'Go for them'. Luckily for all, the dog does not obey.  In the court case the judge says 'Good dog'. The witness replies 'yes and no'.

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