Monday, September 24, 2007

European of the Year!

The Lithuanian President, Valdas Adamkus, is one of the 4 nominations for European Statesman of the Year, together with the Estonian President, Mrs Merkel and Sarkozy (though he might not be on her favourite list, what with having invaded her personal space by shmoozing her excessively).

Welldone, Mr Adamkus! It's for helping to avoid isolating Poland over the new EU treaty, even though, under the current Polish regime, this might have been very tempting. But it's one of Mr Adamkus' strengths, sorting out messes. He and the then more sensible Polish president and others helped to sort out Ukraine at the time of the orange revolution, and I'm sure he has had his hands full in Lithuania as well. So even though the Economist described him as 'doddery' a little while ago he's not doing too badly for a guy of almost 81. But now he's due to finish his term in office, and I have no idea who or what will follow him.
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Helene said...

I think the real European is Dalia the budget commissioner, forget her surname. She is getting them to sort out the farm policy finally.

violainvilnius said...

That'll be Grybauskaite. She might make a nice president, but may be too busy in Europe. Also the Lithuanians can be a bit old-fashioned about some things....