Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Ipod's not well!

Yesterday I used the Ipod for work for the first time; there's a programme called Mojopac which allows you to use your Ipod much like your computer (though someone pointed out that Ipod hard disks are not as long lasting as computer hard disks), and you can even have your own desktop anywhere you work, though you need to instal your own programmes on the Ipod (unless you use it just as a storage device, which is also an option). But with your own desktop and stuff you feel quite at home, which is nice.

So, installed Firefox on it, and downloaded open office to instal on it. Went home, tried to install and it froze up. Went to a concert, and tried again to install the stuff, when the Ipod got a very sad face and refused to do anything. Aaaargggh.

The internet tells me it may be a hardware fault, which would mean sending it in. At least I suppose I know that some bits in it are working.....but what to do? Much advice on the internet relates to older Ipod models, though by now mine is not the latest one either.

Apart from pushing buttons here or there, the advice has included:

  • opening it up and disconnecting the battery briefly, or hitting the tiny reset button on the hard drive (invalidates the warranty, and with my talent I will break it completely)
  • dropping it from between 4 inches and waist high onto a hard surface; it seems to have worked wonders for many people. I've tried the waist high onto a carpet, but it did not work, nor has the shaking or one 4 inch drop onto my desk. Made plenty of noise though - but you know what happens when you shake a baby...
  • plugging it into a mac computer (as opposed to my PC)....hmm, I wonder if a Linux computer might help shock it back into life?
  • Now I am trying to use up the battery - and maybe then it will unfreeze itself. Trouble is that usually it only runs (and beeps??) for a few seconds - but I found by setting it to diagnostic mode it keeps the screen lit up (and presumably using the battery).
It's not only the 4-month-old Ipod that has a sad face......