Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sometimes I hate piano lessons!

First lesson today after about 7 weeks. Had not practiced that much during the summer, what with music summer schools, visits here and there and so on, but enough to do my Bach invention, a Mozart sonatina which went quite nicely, I thought.

Until the lesson. To be fair, I play the music but don't always follow the finger instructions, so my teacher reminds me of them, which results in fingers all over the place and knotted, and I totally lose the plot! Not enough that some new pieces of music appeared; we ended up digging out another study by a guy called Burgmueller which I hate and had hoped we'd lost it.....So now lots of practicing again.

In addition to:

  • revising for my music exam on 16 October. The marks of my assignments started off at 99/100% and are now down to 67% for the latest one. Though it's probably my own fault - in the middle of revising now I've found that there is much useful stuff that I had forgotten, and which would have been useful in the most recent harmonisations. There's still tons of stuff to do.
  • the concert series 'Autumn in Tbilisi' in the Opera House, consisting of 5 concerts from 24 - 29 September with some stunning soloists, including Giorgio Kharadze, a very very high profile cellist who grew up and trained in France. Tickets are not on sale yet, 11 days before the start. The programming is fairly conservative, but we don't often get soloists of this calibre.
  • a concert series celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Tbilisi conservatoire with its very nice modernised facilities; starting on 30 Sept or so, with 7 or 8 concerts in a week. I'm told the tickets are 200 laris for a season ticket, or 40 or 50 laris for each concert (18 - 23 Euros or so). Shocking prices! Need to find out about a student discount....but really, do I have time? Apart from the fact that the content of the concerts is still unknown, to me, in any case...
There were supposed to be choir trips here and there as well - but really, time is running away fast!


MacMusicGuy said...

Hang in there with the fingering - it really is worth the struggle to get it right. Correct fingering allows you to play better - more accurately as well.

Many times my students will be funbling over fingering, and I tell them to SLOOOOOOOOOW Down. That gives their brains time to figure out what fingers to put where.