Monday, February 18, 2008

Did he actually read the book?

This review of Alex Ross' 'The Rest is Noise' is so thin, that a) I wonder if the reviewer, 'OMM' knows anything about music anyway, and b) whether he actually read the book. Given that it came out well after the book suggests that he may have done - the book is very dense and quite hard work, but what he writes about it he could have found on the dust jacket or in the introduction. Or did the Grauniad cut his review?

I'll review it once I've worked my way through it (left it behind on my current travels, and I need it just now for an essay), but all I can say it is incredibly densely packed of fascinating detail, which must have taken a huge amount of research. Although it gives the appearance of being an easy, and colloquial read, when you get into it, it is anything but. And the fact that it deals with so many composers makes it very easy to put it down after each....


Henry Holland said...

Well, based on what I've seen of your writing about music, he knows a hell of a lot more than you do. He obviously read the book, but it's not the forum for a detailed review. It's one of the better pithy ones I've seen.