Friday, February 08, 2008

Music and Karaoke

Had to go to a Karaoke night last night; really, had to. Wasn't actually as bad as I thought - managed to escape as not the first leaver of the party, and it was not bad. There were good singers and some rough ones. Food was very symbolic, so the three very little looking beers hit the spot rather more effectively than they should have done.

Bit bizarre, though, that in a middle of all this a friend and I started talking about Messiaen - probably the composer most remote from anything popular culture that I can think of. Not that I know much about him except that I don't like his music, but I should probably try again. And maybe he has written popular stuff.


Klari said...

There's definitely something post-modern about a conversation about Messiaen in a karaoke.

I'm still unsure about my opinion about Messiaen : we are so far in a love/hate relationship..